How to buy property in Cyprus

Buying property in Northern Cyprus seems hard and far yet easier than you think. We as Caria Estates Internatiınal will assist you with our extensive experience on Northern Cyprus properties and with your purchasing phase. Unlike in Turkey, the Buying process is held by an attorney at law. So all the legal documents and procedures will be followed by our legal adviser and lawyers. Any properties in Kyrenia Esentepe Tatlisu.

What to do before buying property in Northern Cyprus;

• Make total research about the island and decide on what part of the island you prefer to invest in Northern Cyprus and live
• Major areas to be invested in Kyrenia, Esentepe, Long Beach, and Famagusta
• Prepare yourself with your financial status
• Take advice from your estate agent in Northern Cyprus regarding your investment
• You should know in advance that each foreign individual has the right to own only 1 property in Northern Cyprus Nicosia
• Be aware of what kind of title deed you are going to obtain when buying property in Northern Cyprus !!! (Please see below)


Types of Title Deed in Northern Cyprus;

This is the most important part of the purchasing phase of your apartment in long beach Cyprus. You should be fully informed by your estate agent in northern Cyprus about this matter when observing properties in Cyprus. With the right estate agent like Caria Estates and our associated partner Goldmark Estates, we ensure that your buying transaction will be smooth as silk.

• Pre 1974 owned Turkish Title Deeds: 100% secured and free to transfer to any foreigner. For apartment in Northern Cyprus

• Exchange Title Deeds: Owned by Greek Cypriot before 1974. Those kinds of deeds were issued to Turkish Cypriots for those who lost their properties in Southern Cyprus. All the deeds are rectified and names TRNC (Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus) and all are safe title deeds and free to be owned by foreigners. For all property in Long Beach Northern Cyprus Kyrenia Famagusta.

• Tahsis Deeds: Owned by Greek Cypriots before 1974. Those deeds were issued by the TRNC North Cyprus government post-1974 to a Turkish Cypriot refugee or a Turkish mainland settler. For all the houses in Northern Cyprus 

Expenses When Buying Property in Northern Cyprus;

• 5% VAT: Calculated based on the value of the property written on the contract

• 3% Sales Tax: Calculated by Land Registry Office based on the assessed value

• 0,5% Stamp Duty: Payable to Land Registry Office based on contract value

• £ 1.500: Lawyer's fee to follow up your buying procedure 

Other Expenses;

• Water registration for brand new properties: £ 200 (+/-)

• Water registration for resale properties: £ 100 (+/-)

• Electric registration for brand new properties: £ 300 (-/+)

• Electric registration for resale properties: £ 100 (+/-)

• Annual Property Tax: 1 TL for per square meter (m2)


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